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About the Wadden Sea National Park

This Wadden Sea is one of the most valuable tide areas in the world, where approximately 10 million water birds moor a year. The closest part of the National Park is only 0,5 kilometres away from the campsite.

The Wadden Sea National Park covers a huge area – all the way from the Danish-German border to Ho Bay. Here you have the opportunity to experience clam banks, bird bunks, the island Rømø, the birds groups creating “black sun”, the salt water lake and many other amazing and unique nature adventures.

In June 2014, the Danish part of the Wadden Sea became a part of UNESCO’s world heritage list, and has hereby become a world famous and acknowledged attraction, which you cannot miss while in Denmark.

The National Park will definitely be exciting and interesting for both children and adults, because this nature is so special, beautiful and unique. Bring along the picnic, experience the Wadden Sea and make it an unforgettable day holiday in the camping holiday!

Read much more about the amazing nature adventures and the Wadden Sea at The Wadden Sea National Park’s website

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